About WJYT

West Jordan Youth Theatre is a safe fun place for children 8-18 to learn all aspects of live theater. We are all volunteers concerned with the welfare of our younger citizens.
West Jordan Youth Theatre Mission Statement:  To introduce theater arts to the children of our community with a focus on social awareness and self esteem.  To provide a safe, fun, educational environment where children may learn the many theatrical and technical talents necessary to produce a live theater show.
For each child cast within a show, there is a nonrefundable $50.00 Participation Fee which includes the cost of a t-shirt.
There is also a $100.00 REFUNDABLE Deposit required. This refundable deposit will be cashed at the beginning of the show. If you fulfill your hours the money will be reimbursed to you. If you are unable to pay the $100.00, we will have you sign a contract stating you will put in the required hours. Failure to fulfill the volunteer hours will require you to then pay the $100.00. If you do not pay the $100.00 your child will not be casted in a WJYT show until the debt is paid. To get your money back we ask parents to fulfill a certain amount of volunteer hours during rehearsals and performances. We are a small board and need all the help we can get to make each play a success. Hours are achieved by helping supervise rehearsals, helping with costumes, sets, makeup, props, etc. There are several ways to receive the deposit back.



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