There’s a Monster in My Closet -Spring 2011

There’s a Monster in my Closet

This clever musical features over 75 youth (including youth choreographers and assistant directors) as they dance, sing, and act their hearts out!  It all begins when Emily (Sunny Whiting & Savannah Short) has a sleepover with her best friend Stephanie (Siena Johnson & Annalyn George) and they discover a monster in her closet!

What they don’t know is that Murray (Blade Maughn & Levi Leiutava), the closet monster, is more scared of the girls than they are of him!

When Emily asks all her friends to capture Murray, they end up catching his boss, the Dream Queen (Leighanne Villescas & Maggie Scott) instead.

Throw friendship, creativity and magic into the mix and you’ve got a musical you won’t want to miss!  Adults and children are bound to leave with a smile on their faces and some catchy tunes in their heads as they watch this Youth Theatre cast reveal their talents and capabilities.

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