Wonder Warrior and The Last Star -Spring 2009

Last Star & The Wonder Warrior

The Wonder Warrior is a one-of-a-kind play by Chelsey Short and Toni Morris, directed by Chelsey Short.

Upon falling into a dream world, a brave girl (played by Kaeli Silva) discovers an evil imagination collector (played by Martin Owen) is seeking her amazing sense of wonder. She must trek through the Land of Dreams, encountering entertaining dream characters the whole way, and drink Awakening Elixir before her 8 hours are up after which she could be trapped there, forever.

The Last Star is an original story by West Jordan Arts Playwriting contest winner Tyler Madsen. Directed by Madsen, the play tells the story of a girl (played by Morgan Kennard) who is invited to a moonlight fairy dance after discovering the pixies in her grandpa’s garden. The girl’s mischievous brother (played by Kam Kaiserman) stoops to a little thievery and is bound for a moral lesson.

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